The Demons (Oni) of Valley of Hell in Noboribetsu

In Noboribetsu, northern ONSEN country, there lies Jigokudani, proof that the earth is alive.
From the ruins of the exploding crater, the blessings of the heavens, the water that benefits all things, comes bubbling to the surface.

It is said that Jigokudani is inhabited by demon gods who guard the medicinal baths.
The name of these demon gods is Yukijin.

In ancient times, demons were evil and they tormented people.
They incurred the wrath of the Ezo gods who protect the northern land.
They were then given the mission to protect the medicinal cure-all baths.

Jigokudani, Noboribetsu
The Yukijin, according to their destiny placed upon them by the Ezo Gods,
appear in Jigokudani on the eighty-eighth night after the first day of spring,
when the Tokitsukaze blows, with torches burning for the people living in the earthly realm.

The Yukijin play drums and dance to retrieve all the
illnesses, mishaps, misfortunes, and other evils that have befallen the people.

After retrieving these evils, they are burned away
and set off as fireworks to pray for good health and good fortune for everyone. Demon Fireworks are similar to the ONSEN sources and volcanic eruptions.